No Filter

No Filter, the first album by Plastic Brains, is out everywhere. Give it a listen!

From the album’s description on Bandcamp:

No Filter is a phrase that has stuck with me for a while. It makes you think. Like what does that mean? To not have a filter. Every single song of mine you’ve heard before is censored in some way. Not the swearing. (Def not the fuck words) But in the way the stories in those songs are told. They’re lies. Not truths. In order to keep the “inspirations” from being upset. This album contains 0 setbacks. 0 lies. 0 filtered lyrics. 0 reasons for me be completely comfortable with these songs. But thats EXACTLY why i love it. Because it makes me UN-COMFORTABLE. This is my best work to date. So please, put on some headphones and enjoy. I love all of you.

Michael Bell, Bandcamp