rei deora

Rei Deora is an indie pop group from the Portland area. They debuted in 2018 with the single “sleep“, later rerecording it for heartbreak mixtape in January 2020. Since then, the group has released two new singles, “diane” and “last laugh“, as well as two music videos.

marriage counseling!

marriage counseling! is an emo-folk-punk musical project of Mason Baszniak, based in Seattle. Their first tape, if we hope hard enough, was released through PROPAGANDA KID on May 15, 2020, later followed by an acoustic compilation and a holiday split with nomal.

Kaj Strife

Kaj Strife is a famous rapper, having recently restarted her career with a new alias. In her newfound obscurity, she has released two singles thus far; “bogos binted” with 2a03fox, and “northwest water” with NIHILISM.

Good I’m Glad

Good I’m Glad is a power pop collective led by Forrest Power since 2017. They released their first album, NEVER DESERT THIS, on June 21, 2019, following a split EP and a demo in the months prior.