Good I'm Glad

The Band

Forrest Adam Michael Henry Colby
Colby Daniel Fried Rice This fucking cat друг

Good I'm Glad was formed in 2017 by vocalist/guitarist Forrest Power and drummer Colby Passadore after the end of their previous group, Open to Discussion. The duo would go on to release a demo CD in April 2018.

In the summer of 2018, Colby departed and a new lineup emerged throughout the year, including bassist Henry Myers-Power, guitarist Michael Bell, brass player Sam DePonceau, and drummer Jacob Jonason of Flying Whammy. After the release of the Pretty Bitchin' extended play in March 2019, Jacob departed and Adam Nua joined as the new drummer.

Promoted by several shows before and after, Good I'm Glad independently released their first record NEVER DESERT THIS on June 21, 2019. The group would play many shows throughout the rest of the year. In October, Forrest announced that Colby would be returning to the group in early 2020. Sam departed from the group in 2020.

We cannot confirm nor deny if the second row of members are genuine Good I'm Glad participants.

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